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2020 Multi-Community Area Plan

The City of Calgary is proposing major changes to the planning process for new residential development. Scarboro is due to become part of a “Multi-Community Area Plan” in early 2020. What does this mean for our little established neighbourhood? A LOT.

Current State:  “Single Family Dwellings” in Scarboro
Currently, almost all of Scarboro’s lots are designated as “R-C1” (residential one-family dwellings). To build a townhouse or multiplex in Scarboro requires an application for land use re-designation. These applications require community feedback and they go to Council for final approval.  

Early 2020:  “Multi-Community Area Plan” for Adding Density & Diversity
The Multi-Community Area plan is a new tool proposed by the City to guide growth and redevelopment. It allows for a mix of residential and commercial building forms, as well as a much broader range of residential buildings, including single-family, townhouses & multiplexes. Once the plan is finalized, city planners will be able to approve applications for multi-family homes in Scarboro following a city-approved, simplified process that might not require land use re-designation or community feedback. Learn more about what a Multi-Community Area Plan is and what it means for Scarboro.

Early 2020:  “Heritage District”and the Future of Scarboro
The Planning Committee kicked off a three-month Communication Plan with residents of Scarboro at the Annual General Meeting on Nov 27, 2019. The Planning Committee seeks to understand and to represent the voice of Scarboro residents before engaging in this area growth plan. We are also looking into the possibility of creating a “Heritage District” for Scarboro that could essentially use the building requirements of the Anderson Caveat as guidelines for protection: the single-family home; not for commercial uses; with 30-foot setbacks (20-foot setbacks on some streets).  

Key Dates

  Jan - Feb Door-to-door outreach & conversations
  Jan 30 Olmsted Event (heritage specialist) 
  Feb 10
Caveat discussion with residents
  Feb 27 Town Hall with Councillor Woolley
  Week of March 2 Resident survey 

Survey results shared

In March 2020, the Standing Policy Committee for Planning & Urban Development (made up of Councillors) is scheduled to vote on the approval of The Guidebook for Great Communities, along with the finalization of the North Hill plan.

If approved, The Guidebook and this first-ever Multi-Community Area Plan (North Hill) will go to Council and potentially be made statutory in April 2020.

City of Calgary information events in the effort to inform the public about The Guidebook:

Feb 8 Partners in Planning: Planning Implementation 9am-12pm, 12-1pm Introduction Session to Guidebook For Great Communities.

Scenic Acres Community Association 8825 Scurfield Dr NW. More info

Feb 29 Community Planning Exchange - Next Generation Planning in Calgary, 9am - 12pm

Banff Trail Community Association. More Info  

Through February: Visit and take part in our interactive display at the Create Space on Level 1 of the Central Library, to the end of February, where you’ll learn more about the Guidebook for Great Communities and how it applies to Calgary's citizens and the future of Calgary's communities. We have Planners at the Library installation Saturdays and Sundays, from 1 – 3 p.m. to answer your questions.


SCA documents 

Communication Plan 

City Timeline 

New Planning Approach:  The Multi-Community Area Plan  

Presentation for AGM  

Planning Leaflet for SCA Newsletter, Dec.2019 

Heritage Designation Project

City Documents

Local Area Plans today

Local Area Plans Approach Summary 

The Guidebook for Great Communities

New Land Use Bylaw for Residential 

North Hill Map for Urban Forms (draft of City’s 1st Multi-Community Area Plan)  

North Hill Map for Building Scale (draft of City’s 1st Multi-Community Area Plan)  

Questions or comments?

Email the Planning Committee at

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