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Planning & Development

The SCA Planning Committee has the mandate to sustain and enhance the character of the built environment in Scarboro. The Scarboro Community Development Charter details the long-term preservation principles of Scarboro and the desired outcomes of planning, both within and on the periphery of our community.

On an ongoing basis, the SCA Planning Committee provides advice and feedback to: 

  • Residents of Scarboro in relation to the George Anderson Caveat; and 
  • City of Calgary on planning issues that directly or indirectly affect Scarboro.

Enforcement of the George Anderson Caveat

Each property owner with the Caveat on Title has both a benefit and a responsibility. It is up to each property owner to respect and enforce compliance with the Caveat. In so doing, we are ensuring the continuance of our streetscapes and Scarboro’s spirit of “community.” Building restrictions are agreed upon when buying into Scarboro and neighbours actively keep the Caveat in place.

We urge you to consult the Caveat and/or Restrictive Covenants registered on your title BEFORE submitting plans to the City. Failure to voluntarily comply with the Caveat and/or Covenants may result in poor neighbour relations and create conflict leading to court action, delays and additional expense. Future resale of the property may be jeopardized if the building is not compliant with the Caveat and/or Covenants. 

It is important that residents monitor violations because a Caveat can become unenforceable through continued violations and lack of enforcement. The Scarboro Community Association has set aside funds to uphold the Caveat in the event that it is challenged. 

Secondary/Backyard Suites

The position of the Scarboro Community Association, after discussion with legal counsel, is that the Caveat registered on lots in Scarboro precludes or does not allow secondary and backyard suites. Check your Land Titles Document for the Caveat and/or Restrictive Covenant(s) that applies to your property.

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Original 1911 Caveat signed by George Anderson (real estate agent, working with CPR)

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Development Permit Review Process

The SCA Planning Committee receives notification from the City for new “discretionary” development permit applications that affect our community. These applications relate to major renovations and new builds, as well as applications for land use re-designation. 

Typically, the Planning Committee has a few weeks to respond to an application. During this time, the Planning Committee works to: 

  • inform land owners near the property affected by the application; 
  • provide information about changes proposed; 
  • facilitate discussions between property owner(s) and affected neighbour(s); 
  • take note of feedback given by residents about the proposed changes; 
  • circulate feedback among meeting participants (for additional edits & comments); 
  • send Community Feedback to the City. 

Neighbours’ comments may or may not be acted upon, depending on whether valid planning reasons are cited that warrant a change to the plans and other considerations. Meetings facilitated by the Planning Committee enable residents to voice their concerns, seek concessions and hopefully come to agreement on the changes being proposed.

The SCA Planning Committee asks for residents’ assistance in monitoring construction in our neighbourhood. If you observe a notice sign on a neighbour’s lawn, park or commercial property, or observe construction, please take a moment to let the Planning Committee know about it.

It is the individual responsibility of residents to protect their property from encroaching redevelopment that could result in a loss of privacy, shading and/or obscured views. The SCA Planning Committee that reviews DP applications circulated by the City does not address private resident concerns without the residents expressing those concerns to us.

For More Information 

Contact the Planning Committee by emailing

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